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Once upon a time – Fairy tales as a…


As I mentioned in my last post, creating a game with a message I can identify with is very important to me. Creating a game is very time consuming, so I want to spend my time on something I’m passionate about. That’s why I wanted to work on a project about women in tech and games for some years now. But there was always one question that kept me from starting it: How do I talk about the topic so it’s interesting even for people that do not necessary agree with my position?

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Why talking about women in tech and game industry…


Creating a game is a time consuming undertaking, for most devs it’s one of the most important things in their lives. Not because that’s how they earn their money, but because they spend so much time working on the game. That’s why it is important, that you can identify on a deeper level with the project you’re working on.

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Pokemon GO is only fun if you cheat


Some days ago it happened. As every day, I was sitting in the bus on my way to work, playing Pokemon GO. Swiping the Pokestops, looking for free slots in gyms, occasionally catching a Pokemon on the go. I was starring out of the bus window waiting for something to happen in the game, when suddenly a thought crossed my mind: Why am I still playing this? Read more “Pokemon GO is only fun if you cheat”

Why people don’t play support in Overwatch


I waited for this for almost a year: Two weeks ago, I finally had the chance to play Overwatch in the open beta. And I played a lot. And I enjoyed it! A lot. This game just made my jaw drop: Lovable characters, stunning gameplay, elaborate level design, Blizzard just shows off their skill in every area of game development. While I spent a lot of time studying the level design (about which I would like to talk in another post), one other particular thing caught my eye: While I don’t really like playing support, I ended up doing it way too often. Why? Because nobody else in my team would. Read more “Why people don’t play support in Overwatch”