Juliäntli is a tiny, handcrafted rhythm game about ducks. You psychedelically click some ducks while they freak out over their awesome beat. It’s short, it’s crazy and a fun experience!

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AVA is a fairy tale puzzle game for mobile platforms, created by stardust.ch. Accompany Ava on her journey through a magical world, solve puzzles and help Ava on her adventures.


Game project about diversity.


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Trial of Totems: Ever More

Every year the Spirits of Old gather to pit their strength against each other. They take possession of animal statues which were built in their honor and bring them to life. In these new earthly bodies they fight until only the best one stands. Slip into one of various totem statues with unique skills. Fight against your co-players for dominance in the afterworld.

Defeat your opponents to adopt their powers as your own. The more enemies you haul out of their mortal shells, the stronger you become. But beware: if you take one hit too many you leave your earthen avatar and have to find a new body to fight your way up from the bottom again.

Student project at ZHdK

Game Designer and Developer



Stardust is a casual mobile game about a star which fell down from the sky. I made this game when I was studying game design as a collaboration with Samsung Switzerland.

Student project at ZHdK

For Stardust I made everything myself: Game design, programming, art, music, SFX and the release on the Samsung Store. It was a test for myself and a showcase of my abilities during my BA.