Hi, we’re Stardust!

We’re a small indie game studio from Zurich, Switzerland. Currently, we’re creating an interactive tarot card game called AVA, which tells the fairy tale of a cursed princess. AVA is a puzzle game based on a saga, the kind of story you’d hear at a campfire, a fairy tale or a legend that lives in the hearts and minds of those who tell it. Add to that a compendium of carefully crafted puzzles that boggle the mind and a soundtrack which relaxes and chills as you play. This is AVA, artistic, mysterious: the player follows the character through her highs and lows of simply being born into a landed family, her destiny decided by the player from the turn of cards in-game.


Currently, we don’t have any open positions. But we’re always looking for freelance illustrators with a diverse background for commissions.

If you’re interested in illustrating an AVA level for us, contact us at tabea(at)