Game Awards and Submissions

For years we used PromoterApp to figure out which awards we want to submit our games for. Since PromoterApp is down, we had to figure out this question by either searching the internet for new opportunities, or just by finding out about the award by pure chance. That’s why we decided to make a spreadsheet, to stay on top of this. And we do not want to keep this just for us, so here’s the list! Keep in mind that we manually update these entries. So if we missed an update, or if you would like us to add something, let us know 🙂

If you’re looking for game events in general and places to exhibit your games have a look at Akupara Games’ Calendar.

(All date entries are formated as YYYY/MM/DD so you can conveniently sort them.)

Deadline still open?
Submission Fee
Start Date
Submission URL
Last Updated
Fun and Serious Game Festival Bilbao, ES Serious Games no 2018/12/07 2018/12/06
Ludicious Zurich, CH All no 2019/01/31 2018/12/07
AMAZE Berlin, DE Indie 2019/02/04 no 50€ 2019/04/10 2018/12/08
Game Connection USA Development Awards San Francisco, CA All 2018/12/19 no 2019/03/18 2018/12/09
Indiecade Santa Monica, CA Indie no 80$ – 140$ 2018/10/11 2018/12/10
Indiecade Europe Paris, FR Indie no 80$ – 140$ 2018/10/19 2018/12/11
Deutscher Entwicklerpreis Cologne, DE All no 2018/12/05 2018/12/12
Emotional Games Awards Bonchamp-lès-Laval, FR Serious/Meaningful 2018/01/31 no 2018/03/02 Next Award in 2020 2019/02/18
Indigo Awards Malaga, ES Design 2019/02/20 no 150$ 2019/05/23 2019/02/19
Mobile Games Awards London, UK Mobile 2018/10/29 no 2019/01/22 2019/02/21
Global Mobile Awards Barcelona, ES Mobile no 2019/02/25 2019/02/22
PLAY Festival Hamburg, DE Innovation no 2019/11/14 2019/04/01
Indie Prize London, UK Indie 2019/03/20 no 2019/05/28 2019/04/02
Google Indie Games Showcase Europe London, UK Android 2019/05/06 no 2019/06/25 Also exists for J & SK 2019/04/02
Deutscher Computerspielepreis Berlin, DE German (monstly) 2019/01/18 no 2019/04/09 Next Award 2020 2019/04/02
BitSummit Osaka, JP All 2019/01/07 no 2019/06/01 Next summit 2020 2019/04/02
Tokyo Game Show (Sense of Wonder) Tokyo, JP All 2019/06/07 no 2019/09/12 2019/04/02
International Mobile Game Awards San Francisco, CA Mobile 2018/12/31 no 2019/03/19 Also exits for CN, MENA & SEA 2019/04/02
Best of Swiss Apps Zurich, CH Mobile, Swiss 2018/09/10 no 600$ 2018/11/07 Also for non-games 2019/04/02
EGX Rezzed Leftfield Collection London, UK Indie 2019/01/17 no 2019/04/04 2019/04/02
EGX Leftfield Collection London, UK All no 2019/10/17 2019/04/02
Game Connection Europe Development Awards Paris, FR All no 2019/10/29 2019/04/02
SXSW Gamers Voice Awards Austin, TX All 2018/12/07 no 25$ 2019/03/15 2019/04/02
Brazilian Independent Games Festival Sao Paolo, BR Indie 2019/04/30 no 2019/06/22 2019/04/02
Independent Games Festival San Francisco, CA Indie 2018/10/01 no 75$ 2019/03/20 2019/04/02
GIC Best Game Video Award Poznan, PL Video 2018/08/26 no 2019/10/17 2019/04/03
GIC Epic Game Music Award Poznan, PL Audio 2018/09/17 no 2019/10/17 2019/04/03
Serious Play Conference Digital Game Award Orlando, FL Serious 2019/02/15 no 2019/07/24 2019/04/03
Serious Play Conference Learning Board Game Award Orlando, FL Serious, Tabletop 2019/03/01 no 2019/07/24 2019/04/03
Serious Play Conference Student Game Award Orlando, FL Serious, Student 2019/05/15 no 2019/07/24 2019/04/03
Develop:Star Awards Brighton, UK All 2019/04/03 no 2019/07/10 Game must have connection to the UK 2019/04/03
Digital Dragons Krakow, PL All no 2019/05/27 2019/04/03
Reboot Develop Blue Indie Award Dubrovnik, CZ Indie 2019/04/04 no 2019/04/11 At least one team member must have ticket 2019/04/03