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Pokemon GO is only fun if you cheat


Some days ago it happened. As every day, I was sitting in the bus on my way to work, playing Pokemon GO. Swiping the Pokestops, looking for free slots in gyms, occasionally catching a Pokemon on the go. I was starring out of the bus window waiting for something to happen in the game, when suddenly a thought crossed my mind: Why am I still playing this? Read more “Pokemon GO is only fun if you cheat”

Why people don’t play support in Overwatch


I waited for this for almost a year: Two weeks ago, I finally had the chance to play Overwatch in the open beta. And I played a lot. And I enjoyed it! A lot. This game just made my jaw drop: Lovable characters, stunning gameplay, elaborate level design, Blizzard just shows off their skill in every area of game development. While I spent a lot of time studying the level design (about which I would like to talk in another post), one other particular thing caught my eye: While I don’t really like playing support, I ended up doing it way too often. Why? Because nobody else in my team would. Read more “Why people don’t play support in Overwatch”