Stardust LLC
Based in Zurich, Switzerland

Release Date:
Chapter 1 – February 2020
Chapter 2 – August 2020
Chapters 3 & 4 – Q1 2021

iOS, Android


This award-winning puzzle game is based on a saga, the kind of story you’d hear at a campfire, a fairy tale or a legend that lives in the hearts and minds of those who tell it. Add to that a compendium of carefully crafted puzzles that boggle the mind and a soundtrack which relaxes and chills as you play. This is AVA, artistic, mysterious: the player follows the character through her highs and lows of simply being born into a landed family, her destiny decided by the player from the turn of cards in-game. Dive into this soulful story about fate, growth and transformation.


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  • Illustrations come to life – Each level of AVA features a unique, breathtaking illustration where players can interact with elements of the painting to solve puzzles. Drag, twist, rotate and tap to reshape the tarot card and explore the fairy tale of princess Ava.
  • Cards of fate – The challenges you overcome will stay with you and help you on the way ahead. Each tarot card level you solve will be added to your collection and can be used in later puzzles.
  • A work of art – AVA’s tarot cards are unique, each a detailed hand-drawn illustration custom-tailored to the game’s touching narrative.


Chapter 2 Gameplay Trailer Youtube

Chapter 1 Teaser Trailer Youtube


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Logos & Icons

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About Stardust

We’re a small indie game studio from Zurich, Switzerland. At Stardust, we create meaningful entertainment by focusing on non-violent content. We are a diverse team, creating for a diverse audience. We aim to be role models for future generations.

Stardust’s Values

  • Meaningful Entertainment – Our titles broach issues of gender, discrimination, prejudice and diversity, in an entertaining fashion. We enjoy challenging games without endorsing violence, believing that games can be just as fun without violence as the primary game mechanic and story driver.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity – Titles created by a diverse team for diverse players. We spotlight talented developers and artists of different nationalities, genders and cultures to inspire female-presenting and other minorities to get into gaming and maybe even consider a job in games or technology.






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