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AIRHEART continues the story of Cloud Chasers. Amelia has grown up and tries to survive as a pilot catching skyfish. The game tells a story about inequality and the overfishing of the seas.

FinanceMission Heroes

FinanceMission Heroes is a game that teaches financial literacy to teenagers. The project was a collaboration between the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks, the association of swiss teachers and Blindflug Studios.

Cloud Chasers

This is your own unique migration story. Cloud Chasers is the story of a father and daughter on a desperate journey in hope for a future in a better place.

First Strike

What is the potential of nuclear weapons today? With First Strike we (Blindflug Studios) wanted to show the status quo of nuclear warfare in a fun mobile game.

Trial of Totems

Trial of Totems: Ever More is a simple free for all online multiplayer arena shooting game.


Stardust is a casual mobile game about a star which fell down from the sky. I made this game when I was studying game design as a collaboration with Samsung Switzerland.

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My name is Tabea, I’m a game designer and programmer.¬†